Thursday, 22 January 2009


ACRO-YOGA intensive weekend with Yamuna Devi (Shobana Jejasingh Dance Company)

Two sessions: 31st of January and 1st of February

*If not available for the full weekend, you can attend to one session only.

Love, light and flight with Acro-Yoga, a unique blend of Therapeutic Flying, Partner Flow and Thai Massage.

TANTRA YOGA With Tudor Condrea

Tudor is traveling from Asia, where he has been practicing and teaching Tantra for the last twenty years, to run these special workshops:

Intensive SUNDAY Workshops: 1st FEB and 15th FEB - 4-7pm // £30 per day
Intensive WEEK workshop: Monday 9TH FEB- Friday 13th FEB - 11am-4pm

This workshop is an introduction to the old mysteries of the Indian Tantra. From it's vastness we will extract the juicy aspects of sexuality and will boldly present them to you in a genuine manner.

This knowledge, the heroic path of the left hand Tantra, will include both physical powerful aspects belonging to the more technical Tibetan Tantra and the sensual refinement, with it's loving devotional side, of the Kashmirian and South Indian tantric approach.

Though it take more than a life time to explore and experience the universe of Tantra, we will manage in 5 days to extract an important aspect from the Tantric reality and reveal it in a western style, though surrounded by it's genuine mysticism : The Tantric sexuality, a path to Oneness through couple loving sexual interaction.

Rituals, powers, knowledge and techniques will lead to awareness and responsibility regarding what we really are...different from what we were.

So dare to join for a deep experience of the tantra reality.

Everyday life is the path.

This workshop intends to give you some of the tools to speed up the process of evolution through the tantric path. It's a beginning and it's intention is to create a friendship between us not a follower-ship.

By becoming friends and comrades on the exciting Tantric path we will share the time, the energy and the space in which an answer will open new doors to new dimensions while a question will do the same.

All of us, friends, will benefit.

Everyday life is the path....

Five days workshop: £175

For more information visit here