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______________________________________________________________ the paradise beach of Mandrem, Goa, India.

22nd March-19th April 2009

We invite you to experience the most creative environment to develop your potential and talents. Set in the tropical paradise of Mandrem beach and surrounded by palm trees, a river, the sea and beautiful views, it is the perfect place to get inspired.

The 4 different one-week retreats

will include Yoga, Acro-Yoga, Contemporary dance, Indian Dance, Argentinean Tango, Flamenco, Capoeira, Creative dance Filming, Choreography and Performance.

Additional extras include massage, one to one sessions in any required field and Ayurvedic cooking.

23rd -29th March and 30th March-5th April:
Combination of Dance Styles and Yoga Retreat.
3 hours of Yoga and 6 hours of dance per day including Flamenco, Indian Dance, Contemporary dance, Acro-Yoga, Capoeira and Choreography.

These workshops are leaded by Miriam Faura .(Artistic Director of Race and Rhythm Dance Theatre)(UK-SPAIN)

and Yamuna Devi (Member of Shobana Jejasingh Dance Company)(INDIA-UK).

6th-12th April: Yoga - Tango dance retreat with Introduction to Flamenco
including 3 hours of yoga, 4 hours of Tango, 2 hours of Flamenco per day and social dance evenings-Milonga every night.

This workshop is leaded by acclaimed International Tango Dancer Facundo Gil Jauregui (ARGENTINA) and Miriam Faura

13th-19th April: Yoga- Video Dance Retreat.
6 hours of Video_dance workshops, 3 hours of Yoga per day. Participants will resume the retreat with a finished product recorded in the beautiful landscapes of Madrem beach, Goa.

This workshop will be leaded by dance Video Artist and Choreographer Zach Morris(USA) and supported by Miriam Faura

The Yoga classes during all the retreats are leaded by Ashiyana's Yoga Resident Team

Price per each one week Retreat is £550.

*10% discount when you book before the 22nd February or when booking more than one week retreat.

*Accommodation at the beautiful Ashiyana Retreat Center and two buffet of delicious home made meals INCLUDED.

*Please note that flights are not included and that you will also be responsible of your own visa.

Places are limited so bookings in advanced are recommended.


Full information will be added soon or
you can e-mail us on quoting GOA RETREAT

Thursday, 22 January 2009


ACRO-YOGA intensive weekend with Yamuna Devi (Shobana Jejasingh Dance Company)

Two sessions: 31st of January and 1st of February

*If not available for the full weekend, you can attend to one session only.

Love, light and flight with Acro-Yoga, a unique blend of Therapeutic Flying, Partner Flow and Thai Massage.

TANTRA YOGA With Tudor Condrea

Tudor is traveling from Asia, where he has been practicing and teaching Tantra for the last twenty years, to run these special workshops:

Intensive SUNDAY Workshops: 1st FEB and 15th FEB - 4-7pm // £30 per day
Intensive WEEK workshop: Monday 9TH FEB- Friday 13th FEB - 11am-4pm

This workshop is an introduction to the old mysteries of the Indian Tantra. From it's vastness we will extract the juicy aspects of sexuality and will boldly present them to you in a genuine manner.

This knowledge, the heroic path of the left hand Tantra, will include both physical powerful aspects belonging to the more technical Tibetan Tantra and the sensual refinement, with it's loving devotional side, of the Kashmirian and South Indian tantric approach.

Though it take more than a life time to explore and experience the universe of Tantra, we will manage in 5 days to extract an important aspect from the Tantric reality and reveal it in a western style, though surrounded by it's genuine mysticism : The Tantric sexuality, a path to Oneness through couple loving sexual interaction.

Rituals, powers, knowledge and techniques will lead to awareness and responsibility regarding what we really are...different from what we were.

So dare to join for a deep experience of the tantra reality.

Everyday life is the path.

This workshop intends to give you some of the tools to speed up the process of evolution through the tantric path. It's a beginning and it's intention is to create a friendship between us not a follower-ship.

By becoming friends and comrades on the exciting Tantric path we will share the time, the energy and the space in which an answer will open new doors to new dimensions while a question will do the same.

All of us, friends, will benefit.

Everyday life is the path....

Five days workshop: £175

For more information visit here



(Ex-member of Rosas, Artistic Director of Enclave and Deltebre Festival's Funder))

A training and performance opportunity with the international artist Roberto Olivan, who will be teaching for first time in London.

Monday 2nd February-Sunday 8th of February
(Both included) 2 hours of Technique and 2 hours of Choreography per day
Mon-Thurs 11-4 Fri 11-5 Sat 12-4 Sun Performance 7.30pm

By learning and using many different kinds of dance techniques Roberto Olivan discovered their limitations for artistic expression. Whilst accepting the necessity for these conventional techniques, he knows that using them exclusively curtails freedom in the dance and the dancers. So he is embarked on a constant quest for the freedom which creates new forms; refining his technique to develop a unique language which can be recognized as his own style - a language centered on speed and precision.

Moving efficiently becomes an important issue. There are other important goals like working with gravity, consciousness of inner sensations such as breathing and the visualization of energy released by movement. This consciousness of body unites mind and physical structure and relates it to spatial energies, to others and one self. In this sense the body becomes a tool of projection for the physical and emotional flow. The force of mental images such as lines and structures around and in the body are used to define and help us to understand the body's functionality better.


*£99 Discount = 50%- Bursary available for all of those who would like to be considered because they can not afford the full price. To be considered for this offer you must request your bursary before the 23th of January and your payments should reach us not later than Monday 25th January.


Contact and explain us your situation about why do you feel you should be entitle to our discount.

Limited spaces. Booking in advance recommended


RACE AND RHYTHM'S SPACE @ Tufnel Park, North London



RACE AND RHYTHM'S SPACE @ Tufnel Park, North London

An Audience with Elizabeth

I am recently involved in the performance 'An Audience With Elizabeth', part of the ongoing project 'The Gourilla Couture MOVIEMINT'. The profile of Lady Elizabeth in Facebook is for communicating next performances and concept of the project.


A Playground for Imagination

'audience with ELIZABETH' is a Performance Art Movie Theatre. Which means we aim to create a live theatrical experience that we capture on film.

This Wednesday is the first event of its kind and part of a two year development plan to bring about THE GEURILLA COUTURE MOVIEMINT.

MOVIEMINT is an eco-dynamic arts movement where films about ‘new worlds’ and ‘new points of view’ are a catalyst for invention, innovation and cultural healing.

The eco-dynamic concept fuses artisan skills, environmental and cultural awareness to promote commercially constructive community living, products and a process that contribute to a more creative global economy.
The MOVIEMINT concept is designed to embrace and address our world in crisis with opti-vision, courage and style. This style is GEURILLA COUTURE - 30% new 70% old.

MOVIEMINT aims to maximize capital returns, fair trade and social benefit by engaging the audience from the onset of the development and production process - audiences with the characters, Front line club nights and
live movie theatre events cultivate an intimate and dynamic relashionship with the target audiences. The films have emphasis on cultural healing, stand up as valuable works of art in themselves as well as being a ‘shop
front’ to promote new ideas, artists, products and art forms.

MOVIEMINT’s premiere project is a series of 4 full length feature films - ‘The Royall Franchise’.

A present day ‘Wonderland’ style ‘female Bond’ fantasy drama about an odyssey to a ‘new world’. Led by the reincarnation of Elizabeth I & Ladies of her ‘Enigma’ court - otherwise known as the women next door who
just happen to be eight goddesses who have come to save the earth! As the women use beauty and thought to rescue the world from a tyrannical demon king, an epic cinematic adventure invested with magic,
chicanery, supernatural events, political and familial intrigue unfolds...


We will be introducing the world of the film for the first time so it is quite lose and experimental.

The evening will be in five parts and will be filmed continuously (which means after every hour we all have to freeze while the camera man changes tape)

1) 6.30 - 7.30pm

Audience arrive, mingle, play and create in the MOVIEMINT Playground. We will have various adornment, craft and meditation activities that stretch the imagination and encourage people to participate and interact.
There will also be a lucky dip where people can win a 10min massage or a private audience with the Queen. Tickets will also be sold for dinner.
Here volunteers are COURTIERS OF ENIGMA COURT and create an improvised performance art scene in front of the venue to welcome and attract the audience.

2a) 7.30 - 8.45pm

Dinner is served. Those who have tickets will eat and those who are not will move to a separate area for a music workshop to form the Royall Choir.
Volunteers are welcome to eat free or do the choir workshop and they can move and mingle and ensure people know what's happening.

2b) 8.45 - 9.00pm

Audience move into the auditorium
Volunteers move with audience and guide them. Here the stage is open for performance should anyone wish to improvise.

3) 9.00 - 10.00pm


A performance with a 15min interval where we sell Ice-creams.
Volunteers will be part of the audience and there are some one -liner questions that we need you to ask the Queen as part of the performance (given and practice at 6pm)
We will also ask you to help sell ice-cream during the interval.

4) 10.00pm - 10.30pm

Q & A and discussion about 'The New World'.
Volunteers part of the audience

5) 10.30pm - 1.00pm

Audience after party - a musical tribute to 50 years of Motown and Obama's inauguration.
Volunteers are free to have a wonderful time and help clear up backstage if they so wish.

The next event will be a screening of this event at Westminster Abbey.
We will have a MOVIEMINT NEWSPAPER PROGRAM where each contributing artist will have an article about who they are and what they are doing.
Please ensure we have all your contact details and that you have filled out the PARTICIPATING ARTIST FORM before you leave.