Monday, 28 July 2008

Changing Polarity lyrics / letra

Dance film, part underwater; explores the swift between opposite thoughts and perceptions, metaphorically named as polarities.In a subjective way, this inner conflict conveys the idea that these thoughts/perceptions pass through a centre, a nucleus formed by a space where the soul exists, and where the belonging of these reactions to the soul are not defined. This existence doesn't convey a steady permanent state of thought or perception, but reaffirms its quality of being in a constant energy activity in between two polarities, as a constant readjustment between opposite energies; which can embody a pattern of stimulus-reaction defending an unmaterial origin.

The sound landscape is composed by a set of words and metaphors related to this idea and is played all through the video length. Is narrated in two languages, English and Spanish, and mixed with its reversed version.

The image shows the English version.


Video danza, parte debajo del agua, explora la relación entre cambios de pensamientos y percepciones opuestas metafóricamente llamados polaridades. De manera subjetiva, este conflicto interno, conlleva la idea de que estos pensamientos/percepciones pasan por un centro, un núcleo formado por un espacio en el que el alma existe, y en el cual, no se define la pertenecia de estas reacciones o la materialización de estímulos al alma. Esta existencia no conlleva un estado estable permanente de pensamiento o percepción, sino que reafirma la cualidad de ésta de tener una constante actividad energética entre dos polaridades, como un constante reajuste de energías opuestas, el cual puede llegar a materializarse en estímulo-reacción y que defiende un origen inmaterial.

El sonido está compuesto de una serie de palabras y metáforas referentes a esta idea, y dura durante todo el vídeo. Está narrado en dos idiomas, español e inglés, y mezclado con la versión en orden inverso de estas palabras.

La imagen muestra la versión española.

Links to Changing Polarity // Enlaces a Changing Polarity (Polaridad Cambiante):


London Revellers Music Video shoot

London Revellers
Music Video
shot at 3 Blind Mice and surroundings
Shoreditch, London, on Sunday 27 July 2008
The pop tune is London Revellers by RENU and can be heard at
This video celebrates the cultural diversity of London, with its trends and tribes. Directed by Amir Jamal.
Role: Egyptian dancer and lover.
The video will have to wait for being released the single London Revellers.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Raw Feat presents OUTSPOKEN DANCE 23 July 7.30pm

Press Release

Raw Feat presents OUTSPOKEN DANCE


Don't Miss this packed evening of Performances Poets and Dancers.

Showcasing some of London's most dynamic talent in Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop Theatre and Spoken Word. Creating an inspiring fusion of Lyrical and Physical theatre.

Hosted by: UK Hip Hop theatre pioneer, Jonzi D <>

Featuring Poets: Zena Edwards and Michaela with powerful and truthful observations in verse

A host of UK Dance companies and Dance theatre artists present a dialogue of dance, alongside emerging and established performers such as East London's finest Kenrick h20 Sandy and Skytlez.

Where: Hackney Empire, 291 Mare Street, E8 1EJ, London

When: Wednesday 23rd July 2008, 7.30 pm

Tickets: £12.50 on the door £10 adv £8 adv/concs


Bookings 0208 985 2424 online