Wednesday, 16 April 2008



  1. Continuing development in the understanding and execution of stylistics principles
  2. Development of strength and execution of the Graham-Based floor work
  3. Clear demonstration of the use of gravity
  4. Clear understanding of the shift of weight
  5. Clear articulation of the movement initiating from the centre, leading to cohesion between the upper and lower extremities of the body
  6. Clear use of the back
  7. Development of performance skills


  1. Continuing development in the understanding and execution of the fall and recovery principles
  2. Clear and consistent awareness of placement and alignment in relation to the pelvic connection
  3. Sustained development of physical and rhythmic coordination, strength and stamina
  4. Deepening sense of musicality and dynamics
  5. Consistent awareness and application of the use of the breath as it relates to the central principles
  6. Level of continuous commitment in class (concentration, application of corrections and general application)
  7. Quality of execution and performance of assessment material


  1. Clear consistent awareness of placement and alignment
  2. Good use of the torso; clear demonstration of upper, middle and lower back curves/arches/twists/tilts, shown separately and in combination
  3. Clear articulation of legs and feet
  4. Cohesion between upper and lower extremities of the body
  5. Fluidity and ease when executing multi-directional sequences of movement
  6. Clear demonstration of a range of movement dynamics
  7. Good elevation and landings
  8. Strong use of interpretative skills


  1. Ability to experience multi-directional dynamic patterns of alignment, which in turn give the greatest freedom and coordination in movement
  2. Capacity to experience autonomy of skull, limbs and torso
  3. Economy of movement, moving through space minimising unnecessary strain
  4. An awareness of breath and ability to allow breath to move freely
  5. Receptivity to a partner
  6. The ability to be open to experience "merging" with an image
  7. Openness to change
  8. Openness to engage in a process of cultivating kinaesthetic awareness


  1. Understanding of the specific stylistic principles of the Ballet technique
  2. Good placement and alignment throughout barre and centre work
  3. Commitment to the learning process (concentration and application of corrections)
  4. Musicality and developing of performance skills